Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To Terezin

Well, thanks again to everyone who managed to come along to the booklaunch on Wednesday - to Scott Hamilton for launching the book with such panache and style (check out his launch speech here); to Peter Lineham for MC'ing, to Leanne Menzies for the superb catering, to Leonie at Bennetts Books for agreeing to host the event in the first place, to Julee Browning for being such a good sport when the printers didn't get her book there in time (so we were confined to taking orders on slips of paper ...), to my parents for coming along and buying a copy, to the brief crew for same, and - above all - to the lovely Bronwyn for being so supportive throughout.

If you'd really like to do me a favour (for whatever reason), it would be absolutely super if we could get a few more orders for the book. It'll cost around $20 in the shops, but you can still obtain it for the bargain price of $15 (+ $2 postage and packing) from Leanne Menzies at the School of Social & Cultural Studies. not a bad price for a slim (90-page) volume of verse with colour pictures and an afterword by Martin Edmond, I reckon ...

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Olivia Macassey said...

Good; I was meaning to ask how to get one!