Saturday, August 02, 2008

Reading at Poetry Live this Tuesday

Trapped within the Topographical Diagram of the Kingdom, Yuan Hong was deluded by fantasies. Anything he thought of appeared before his eyes. he thought of a river, and a river appeared before him; he thought of a mountain, and suddenly he saw one. he could see and have anything he pleased. He forgot himself, and unconsciously turned back into an ape ... But before long, he saw Yang Jian coming toward him with a sword.
_ Gu Zhizhong, trans. Creation of the Gods [c.1600]. 2 vols. 1992 (Beijing: New World Press, 1996), 2: 399.


tuesday 5th August 2008
8 pm onwards
at the Classic Studio
upstairs at 321 Queen Street

Guest Poet: Jack Ross

Jack Ross's latest novel, EMO, came out in June this year from Titus Books. To date he has published three full-length poetry collections: City of Strange Brunettes (Pohutukawa Press, 1998), Chantal's Book (HeadworX, 2002) and To Terezín (Massey, 2007), as well as two novels, two books of short fiction, and several poetry chapbooks. He edited, with Jan Kemp, the bestselling trilogy of CD / text anthologies Classic, Contemporary& New NZ Poets in Performance (AUP, 2006-8).

He (with the indispensable assistance of Bronwyn Lloyd) will be reading from his latest work-in-progress, The Puppet Oresteia.

Guest Musician: Simen Taylor

Simen Taylor's musical roots lie in old style piano blues and American folk; which he reinterprets with electricity, sweat, and swamp drawl. His live performances swing from being insanely fast to intensely slow - often all in the same song!

You can catch Simen solo, or with his three piece band: The Blue Devils. Whatever your taste in music you will agree: this twenty seven year old delivers authentic Rythym n' Blues, and Soul, with kick-ass punch. This is piano work on steroids!

Simen also plays with Tim Finn, The Darcy Perry Band, Darren Watson, and other renowned artists.

MC: Christian

Open Mic


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