Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 Events in 1 Night

[Bronwyn Lloyd: Tui (after Anne McCahon) (2009)]

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that three of my
School Journal birds (images attached) will be on display in a group textile exhibition curated by Judy Rae that opens at Waiheke Art Gallery next Friday, 25 Sept. at 6pm.

The birds will be accompanied by many beautiful textile pieces ranging from soft furnishings, jewellery, articles of attire and sculptural works, created by a range of contemporary textile artists including Rosemary McLeod, Rona Ngahuia Osborne, Merrilyn George, Miranda Brown, Paula Coulthard, and Margaret Chapman.

All of the works in the exhibition are available for sale.

I hope you can make it along to the show.

All the very best,

Bronwyn Lloyd

Hi Everyone,

As an attachment is your invitation to the launching of
On the Eve of Never Departing, a collection of prose works by Richard von Sturmer.

The launch will be at Fordes Bar, 122 Anzac Avenue, Auckland City, at 6:30 pm on Friday, September 25th. Also launched will be
Free Fall, by Rogelio Guedea, a Mexican writer. Both books are being published by Titus Books. Live music will be provided by Otis Mace.

Best wishes,

Richard von Sturmer

I hope you can sympathise with my dilemma. On the one hand, here's a book launch by the sublime Richard von Sturmer, whose work continues to be an inspiration to all us alternative types up here in Auckland.

On the other hand, here's the opening of Bronwyn's textile exhibition on Waiheke: 2 events in 1 night (to paraphrase the title of Janet Charman's first solo book of poems).

Go to both! you say. After all, they're bound to be boozing till pretty late on at Forde's Bar ... You can check out the exhibition, then hurry back to Parnell.

Well, you know, I would - but Waiheke? I just don't feel the logistics are on my side . So (of course) the choice is clear. I've just got to see those birds in situ, having watched them gradually come to squawking life around the house over the past couple of months.

I'm definitely going to be picking up a copy of Richard's book from Brett Cross at Titus Books asap after Friday night, though - and Rogelio's, too, for that matter.

So, for the record:

[Richard von Sturmer: On the Eve of Never Departing (2009)]

The booklaunch is on:

from 6.30 pm

at Forde's Bar
122 Anzac Avenue
Auckland City

And here are the two culprits in question, decked out in their best plumage:

[Bronwyn Lloyd: Red Bird (after Jill McDonald) (2009)]

The exhibition:

(25 September - 19 October 2009}

opens on
from 6.O0 pm

at Waiheke Art Gallery
2 Korora Road
Waiheke Island

For sales enquiries or further information,
please contact Linda Chalmers
Waiheke Art Gallery

I should just remark parenthetically that Bronwyn's recent honours include being selected for:

Best philosophical stand-off in a public space:
Wystan Curnow and Bronwyn Lloyd at the Rita Angus symposium

by Courtney Johnston on her blog best-of-3.

If you'd like to know more about that epoch-making stoush, check out the post here.

In the meantime, here's looking forward to fewer fisticuffs and more celebrations on Friday night!

And if you're curious to see the inspiration for Bronwyn's own nest of singing birds, check out the following images by (respectively) Jill McDonald and Anne McCahon:

[Gregory O'Brien: A Nest of Singing Birds (2007)]

[Anne McCahon: School Journal cover design (1954)]


Richard said...

Two Deaths in One Night - but who won the battle of 'philosophies'? I suppose no one ever 'wins' in these debates - the idea - if possible is to stimulate debate.

But it is often also a personality clash! A power struggle!

Richard von is good value but look to your own Jack!

These double events happen.

Brett said...

all the best for Bronwyn's show.. we'll time one of these launches right sometime so you and Bronwyn can come along.. we should meet up soon and discuss this book of criticism from you I've been hearing about.. and the upcoming 'critical issue' of brief..


Meg said...

Hello. My name is Meg and I live in Nelson, and I also have some pieces in Feel of Fibre. I found you today because Bronwyn commented on mine, and discovered that one of my photos were used in the FofF invitation. Would it be alright to download from your blog and post it on mine, which is

Thank you for posting, whatever your response.

Meg Nakagawa

Dr Jack Ross said...

Dear Meg,

Absolutely - feel free. Glad to be of service. It was a most entertaining opening, much enjoyed by all.

Meg said...

Thank you, Jack. I appreciate it.