Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bronwyn's Exhibition Saturday Week

So this is just to let you know that Bronwyn's exhibition of Fairytale-related models and other paraphernalia will be opening next Saturday, 6th November, from 11-1 pm, at Objectspace in Ponsonby (at the far end of Ponsonby Rd, up where it joins K Rd).

[One Brown Box Invitation]

If you want to get a preview of what Bronwyn and Karl have been building out in the backroom, it'd probably be worth your while to take a look at Mosehouse Studio, Bronwyn's craft blog, where various secrets are revealed: I'd recommend this post on edible homes, as well as this one on the I Spy game she's setting up for the little ones.

And what's my part in the show? Why, books, of course. The plan is to have a selection of the canonical Fairytale collections laid out for the parents to leaf through while their kids are getting into the more interactive exhibits below. If you want to know more about my collection of such books, you could do worse than check out the page of my Bibliography blog devoted to Folklore & Fairy Tales.

But just as a teaser, here are various of the stories which Bronwyn and Karl are going to be weaving their magic around:

Arthur Rackham: Hansel and Gretel
(The Brothers Grimm)

Warwick Goble: Jack and the Beanstalk
(English Folktale)

Edmund Dulac: The Princess and the Pea
(Hans Christian Andersen

Margaret Tarrant: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
(The Brothers Grimm)

Kay Nielsen: The Twelve Dancing Princesses
(The Brothers Grimm)

... memory once interrupted, is not be recalled. Written learning is a fixed luminary, which, after the cloud that had hidden it has passed away, is again bright in its proper station. Tradition is but a meteor, which if once it falls, cannot be rekindled.

- Samuel Johnson, A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland (1775)

I'll also be giving a talk on Fairytales as part of the exhibition programme, but more about that somewhat closer to the date ...

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