Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Pictures from a Booklaunch - Wellington, 22/10/15

Photos by Jack Ross (the bad ones)
or Bronwyn Lloyd (the ones which show signs of centring):

Sarah Jane & book

Thom Conroy

Bryan Walpert

Bronwyn, Ingrid Horrocks and Tim Corballis

Sarah Jane reads

Rachel O'Neill reads

Sarah Jane and Therese Lloyd

Bryan, Ingrid & Thom

Congratulations, Sarah!

For more on the launch, you can go to Sarah's own blog, the red room.


Richard said...

Hi Jack. This writer rang a bell. I had a book by her, taken by chance at the Panmure library. It was interesting indeed - 'A Man Runs Into a Woman'. As usual I probably took quotes or notes from it. I liked one with a man sorting himself out: his job was to maintain a pipeline I think it was. I'll keep an eye out for work. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I do get news via VUP Press but in fact the (good but difficult thing, to keep up with) is the number of works coming out by that press.

I haven't been to Wellington for years.

Yes I do recall that book now, I recall being impressed by the production (I mean the poems) as well as the cover of the book. There are a lot of talented women writers coming out.

One, originally from Ireland (I think she is based in London) Anne-Marie Fyffe put out 'A House of Small Absenses' that reminded me of Lloyd and Lloyd (!)...in some ways. The cover perhaps. The edition I have here has an almost eerie cover, if not ghostly. But good poems, all things else aside.

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