Saturday, August 27, 2016

Two Readings: Takapuna & Titirangi

As part of the ongoing celebrations for National Poetry Day, please come and check this out (though it is, admittedly, a few days late):

When: Tuesday 30 August, 6pm - 7.30pm
Where: Takapuna Library, Level 1
Cost: Gold coin/donation

Come and join us as at our annual celebration of poetry with readings from Michael Giacon, Joy MacKenzie, Bronwyn Lloyd, Jack Ross and Stu Bagby as our MC.

Light refreshments will be served from 6pm, with the event starting at 6.30pm.

Booking recommended. Email or phone 890 4903.

Photo: Maggie Hall (Wellington, Dec 2014)

And, assuming you don't have anything better to do on the weekend of the Going West Literary Festival (10-11/9/16):

When: Saturday 10 September, 2pm - 3.45pm
Where: Titirangi Library


Jack Ross has been the managing editor of Poetry New Zealand since 2014. His publications to date include five poetry collections, three novels and three books of short fiction. He works as a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Massey University's Albany Campus.

Stu Bagby has published both as an anthologist and a poet. His poetry has appeared in several collections and has been included in the Best of the Best New Zealand Poems and Essential New Zealand Poems. He hopes to have a new collection of poems ready for publication later this year.

Followed by a round robin where everyone is invited to read a poem, their own or anyone else's.

MC Piers Davies 5246 927 or for further information.

Photo: Maggie Hall (Wellington, Dec 2014)


Richard said...

I read with Joy Mackenzie once at The Masonic. That was about 1990 I think, or 1991. Is Stu still going to the Titirangi poets? He is a good sort. Hope those readings went well.

Dr Jack Ross said...

The Takapuna reading went very well, I thought, Richard. We also had a surprise guest in the person of Michael O'Leary, who read a couple of poem's from Stu's Auckland anthology.

As for the Titirangi reading, it was us two last time, wasn't it? And I think that was on Going West weekend, too! A couple of years ago, was it?

Richard said...

Yes! It was, Ron asked me over for auld lang syne....Ron and I used to improvise crazy jazz poems, so he called me in, and I started the habit of knighting everyone, and in fact at a ceremony in the original Dead Poets Bookshop where I organised Friday night readings she once knighted us all with a cardboard sword! So I am known in some quarters as Sir Richard, and there is a Sir Harry....Scott never gained that acronym (acronym?) but in any case Ron does have a ssnse of fun and the Titirangi Poets were an interesting lot. Sir Ron is somewhere in cyber space, writing his memoirs I believe, and I am....

But yes it was a good reading. Very different styles. Which is all good...I did, on that occasion indulge a bit in the sacred ichor so there was a tendency to continue rather on and on...There was a poem I was reading once that went on and did a kind of Shakespearean pastiche some time ago at the K Road Dead Poets and someone shouted "Got him off!!" But,coincidentally, my next line was: "This could go on forever..." and it continued: "Forever and forever and forever..." But the conjunction had many laughing already. If an audience can join with you with a laugh you have them on your side....I have spoken.

Richard said...

Jack, how's it all going? I have almost my only existentialist contact with other people of an 'artistic' bent shall we say here and occasionally Scott's Blog, but it is infested with the subject, laughs out loud, hope your reading go well...

What inspired me was the photo of the Takapuna Library. It looks quite a beautiful building. I photograph a lot (en passant so to speak) but the Glenn Innes Library (done about 1966) is also quite a beautiful design, one of the most beautiful I have been in, it has columns that kind of expand in their centres: also they have light high up, something I noticed in the Remuera library, although that is very old and in fact is where we use to go from Panmure once a month before the Panmure library was established....My daughter is in the Blockhouse Bay Library and one year I read on Poetry Week, there were about 8 people and I think they were impressed as I tried to show how I combined traditional methods and my more random or (complex meaningless spiel with long "philosophic words" inserted here) I.P. etc...I think the people enjoyed it. I had a couple to take the edge of my endless nerves.

I have recently done another post on EYELIGHT, more to come.

Oh well, hope all is well. I like your posts and others but there are so many have to limit...