Sunday, October 30, 2016

The President of the Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte (the two-way: 28/10/16)

The President of the Philippines

told us his vision
last night
on the evening news
he was in a plane

flying back from Japan
when he heard a voice
who are you?
he said

it was God
I want you to stop
using bad language
said God

so no more slang
no more cuss words
you could see the reporters
wanted to laugh

at first
but they sobered up fast
that morning ten men
were shot dead in the street

the mayor of a town
and all his staff
involved in the drug trade
they said

no cuss words now
the doors are open
something that used to live
out in the cold

is shouldering in

New York Times (28/10/16)


Paul Doughton said...

Sobering... Duterte is a very dangerous person.

Dr Jack Ross said...

He certainly is. It's interesting to observe just how little anyone seems able to do about it, though, don't you think? No courts or trials - just official death squads to deal with anyone who's on his list, for whatever reason ...

Richard said...

I don't really sympathize with drug dealers or druggies. They have to be dealt with. But a trial, with defence lawyers and prosecution etc, would be the ticket.

And execution doesn't work in any case as the crimes continue.

But the trouble is they could plant drugs on you. So, if I ever travel anywhere apart form NZ, which I doubt at my age now, I would miss out the Philipines and Indonesia for a start.

Those who knowingly export drugs should be dealt with strongly but with something approaching British law....

The US have Guantanamo and they still have capital punishment as do other places. It is good we have abolished it. I read about Capital punishment in the US and it is a terrible mess. A total botch up and it doesn't work. It does nothing. South America is riddled with psychos and death squads I believe so I'll leav the whole of the American continent out, as well as Asia as they cut heads off over that way, and a lot of bad things happen...just about everywhere except New Zealand and it's not always to safe here on a Saturday night! So I don't venture down town...

Good poem! Did he really think he heard God?! I believe it could be possible but I would expect a blinding flash and something a little more subtle. It is comical.

Even if not "true" it is a good swipe at these stupid dictators and crackpots like Trump and all the others in power around the globe, most of whom are close to being psychos....The Israelis are another crazy lot building walls and killing Palestinians...not much has improved probably since the last...what, 20,0000 years?