Wednesday, March 21, 2007

keith partridge y yo

It’s not just a job – it’s art!

Train with Cut Above and
join the ranks of our award
winning Graduates, who
get the best jobs!

Limited places are left in
our Govt Funded November

Phone NOW for a
personal interview

keith partridge y yo

that other partridge
cassidy he’s the
one things happen
to record deals money
marriages childbirth
i continue to ex
ist however in
sulated from his
whining in the
flicker of a late
night cathoid tube be
getting what?
he was always up
per but now only i re
main sweet scented
fresh of face daydream
in a mirror lake
breasts pressed against
huggy bear hand work
ing working i will always
be there leader of
the pack the bus
the buns

– Wendy Nu

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