Monday, May 05, 2008

New NZ Poets by Region

[Seraphine Pick, "Girl (with offered eyes)"]

I want New Zealand to secede from Americanized world culture,
in the same way that these islands seceded from the ancient
supercontinent of Gondwanaland.

– Scott Hamilton

Here's my preliminary attempt at a regional breakdown of the 28 poets in the last of our three AUP anthologies: New NZ Poets in Performance (2008):

Place -- Name -- Dates


Serie Barford (b.1960)
German-Samoan by birth; lives in West Auckland
Anna Jackson (b.1967)
Born in Auckland, she now lives in Wellington.
Jack Ross (b.1962)
Born and still lives in Auckland's East Coast Bays.
Robert Sullivan (b.1967)
Nga Puhi. Educated at Auckland University, he now lives in Hawai'i.
Sonja Yelich (b.1965)
Lives in Bayswater, Auckland.


Kapka Kassabova (b.1973)
Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, she emigrated to New Zealand in 1992.


Tusiata Avia (b.1966)
A Samoan-New Zealander, born and educated in Christchurch.
David Howard (b.1959)
Born and brought up in Christchurch, he now lives at Purakanui, near Dunedin.
John Newton (b.1959)
Lives and teaches in Christchurch.
Sarah Quigley (b.1967)
Born in Christchurch, she now lives in Berlin.


Olivia Macassey (b.1975)
Born in Coromandel, she now lives in Parnell, Auckland.
Tracey Slaughter (b.1972)
Lives in Thames, on the west side of the Coromandel Peninsula.


Nick Ascroft (b.1973)
Born in Oamaru, he now lives in the UK.
Emma Neale (b.1969)
Born in Dunedin, where she lives and works.
Jenny Powell-Chalmers (b.1960)
Born in Dunedin, where she lives and works (after a brief sojourn in Wellington).
Richard Reeve (b. 1976)
Born and educated in Dunedin, where he still lives.


Thérèse Lloyd (b.1974)
Born in Napier, she presently lives in Iowa, where she was Schaeffer fellow for 2007-8.


Glenn Colquhoun (b.1964)
Lives in a small village, Te Tii, just north of Kerikeri.
Gregory O’Brien (b.1961)
Born in Matamata, he worked as a journalist in Northland before moving to Wellington, where he now lives.


John Pule (b.1962)
Born in Niue, he came to New Zealand in 1964. Presently lives in Auckland.


Jenny Bornholdt (b.1960)
Born and lives in Wellington.
James Brown (b.1966)
Born in Wellington, he now lives in Island Bay.
Kate Camp (b.1972)
Born and educated in Wellington.
Lynda Chanwai-Earle (b.1965)
Born in London, she was brought up in New Guinea and educated in Hawkes Bay before moving to Auckland and, subsequently, Wellington.
Andrew Johnston (b.1963)
Born in Upper Hutt, he now lives in France.
Anne Kennedy (b.1959)
born and educated in Wellington, she now lives in Hawai'i.
Mark Pirie (b.1974)
Born in Wellington, where he still lives.
Chris Price (b.1962)
Born in Reading, England, she emigrated to Auckland in 1966. She now lives in Wellington.

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