Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The EMO Interview

[Jack Ross: "Hotel, Frankfurt" (2005)]

Well, you'll recall about a month ago I put up a post with links to my interview with Gabriel White about his film Tongdo Fantasia and his interview with me about the REM trilogy.

Well, since then there have been two further developments. John Radford has done an interview with Gabriel about his film Aucklantis, and Gabriel has posted a second and final part of the interview with me (we only managed to get through two volumes of the trilogy in the first conversation).

So here goes:

The REM trilogy interview part two, focusing on the final volume EMO. (Sunday, December 21, 2008). Gabriel White – The World Blank and Other Projects. 8 video clips:
  • [1/8] What is ‘Emo’?
  • [2/8] 3’s / Eva Ave / Althusser.
  • [3/8] Eva Braun’s Diary / vivisection / cloning.
  • [4/8] Story frames – The Arabian Nights / Moons of Mars / characters / genre fictions / Bataille.
  • [5/8] Movements and motivations – Perec / patterns / surrealism / settings.
  • [6/8] Settings / images, words and sounds.
  • [7/8] The blind creator / textual processes – the internet.
  • [8/8] Ovid in Otherworld / the nurse / Ovid / otherness.

[Ivan Corsa: Lafayette Street Girl (2005)]

Come on, you know you're dying to have a listen! Who knows, it might change your life ...

Anyway, there it all is. The only thing is that you'll probably have to download the latest version of Quicktime in order to see and hear us properly. Free, though, and the gateway to lots of other exciting stuff on Gabriel's website.


Gabriel said...

whoops... I put Sat 20, but it was actually Sun 21... Plus I've given my site a tentative title - see home page...

Richard Taylor said...

Jack and Gabriel - interesting interviews again - BTW the reading aloud incident was in The Confesssions by St Augustine (I HAVE read that!)
I was also impressed by the way the book ended. I had also thought of the intersection of stories (the story inside a story and so on - a Borgesian concept perhaps) of course and the resonations of blindness -there is Lear, Homer, Milton, Samson, Oedipus; there is the further idea of the blind "seer" [Lear is "blind" but Gloucestor (?) who is actually blinded was "wiser" than Lear as the fool is wise and so on] - but the Ovid/main character or The Author is central - you have produced a fascinating series of works Jack.

I still want to go though them all again (armed with Google) and then I wanted to put some questions myself - but a lot here is helpful.

To read EMO etc you need tough readers - the reader is sent into a disconcerting world, at times it feels as if one's nerves, sinews, and psyche and are indeed all being cut open - almost severed.

Challenging books - the have to get "out there" - they are unique.

PS I also like Perec. And I suspect your Althusser came from certain SH - no? Were Althusser's ideas (I know very little about him) significant to the writing or it was just his life (shades of Lamb's sister - or Burroughs shooting his wife?)

Cheers, RT

Richard Taylor said...

Jack and Gabriel - I forgot - all the best for Xmas and the New Year!

Also I really enjoyed Gabriel's short and witty clips on YouTube -

but there is some xxxx (singer person or something) called Gabriel White and Google throws me away from Gabriel White...(of NZ) - I suppose I should do the obvious and come via the Imag. Museum...

Gabriel said...

Richard (and Jack) - I hope you don't mind, but I cut and pasted a couple of your comments on REM / EMO onto my comments page. I've only just started the comments page and I thought your comments might serve as stimulation. Hope that's OK (it does say that they're taken from The Imaginary Museum)

Jack Ross said...

Gabe, sure - no probs so far as I'm concerned. Feel free to sample as you wish.

& Richard, a very happy New Year to you also. And, yes, the Althusser was a loan from SH. I've also glanced through "lire le capital," but I wouldn't say it was a huge influence exactly ...

Richard Taylor said...

Gabriel - I have no worries - the problem only happens when people take things out of context or don't acknowledge who wrote what.

Alan Sondheim (for e.g.) almost begs people to use anything he does but he just asks that he be acknowledged - that s why I was able to put whole swathes of his stuff on my own Blog verbatim - images and all - but I said where they came from as he asked ...

Jack - thanks - I just looked on wiki for my info on Althusser! I like to NOT know everything about certain writers etc but of course in many areas the more one does know the better...but there is so much out there!

The ubiquitous SH!