Friday, October 10, 2008

A Town Like Parataxis (7)

At the Warhol Look Exhibition

According to … legend, Andy’s first words were
‘Look at the sunlight! Look at the sun! Look at the light!’
– Victor Bockris, Warhol (1989)

Does it interest me? Does anything
interest anyone, in the
abstract? Meeting Vanessa there (turning
to finish her conversation), and to Chantal:
“Will you give me a mustardy
kiss?” “Not
in front of people.”

Around me images of thirty years:
Marilyn pouting, Liz, Yves
Saint-Laurent – garish flocks of
red (something rather sad
in aping such profusion),
the ‘compilator’
– finally, who’s fooled?

Not ‘fooled,’ exactly … fiddled?
“His great, great flower paintings
of the seventies”“Controversial
popCelebrated decade’s
glamour, style and fashion
It includes 500”

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