Friday, October 10, 2008

A Town Like Parataxis (8)

Stories we tell ourselves:
At the Richard Killeen Retrospective

I didn’t think ‘triangle good, rabbit bad’
– Richard Killeen, New Gallery (2/10/99)

Im AxaduUdax am I
Life begins with qualitybuying up earlier works to burn them
Max a dudI’ve got a terrible tongue on meThe bus-driver’s fearDud ax am
C shows me negatives(jet-stream overhead)I M A X A D Uof the open road. Stop,chairs – and Ben, her ex – in bed
Ax a dudapissing in the – Armitage Shanks –M A X A D U Dscrabble in the cashbox,Adu Daxa
I can’t forget they’re everywherewind, behind a briar hedgeA X A D U D Ascratch your balding headpeur contre peur
Xadu daxX A D U D A XXadu dax
I’d rather unknow than not knowWill it stay there till the end of theA D U D A X AIf I could say thatI don’t really care if you get it or not
Adu Daxaworld – that spearmint lifesaverD U D A X A M I could say anything:Ax a duda
Converting the light to pixelsI dropped behind the signal boxU D A X A M Ithat look, glance, glimpse, stare,digitally enhanced
Dud ax amon Hobson Street?œillade, scrutinyMax a dud
Anything is good“boat” = drowning / sailing
Udax am IIm Axadu

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