Monday, July 12, 2010



So bottled blood is just like bottled V
You can get high on it but you
can overdose as well

– overheard on a bus

So my Mum asks me
Are you going for a run this morning?
I told her yes
then she comes in
It’s 8 am!
You’re obviously not going
I could have gone to work

I was, like
I’m just going now
But she didn’t tell me why
she needed to know
just asked me what
I was going
to do

Then this morning
What are you doing today?
Going to town at 12

I said
which meant that she
had to come back
to look after

you know
my stepbrother
which means that she missed
a half-day at work
But she didn’t tell me that
Just asked what we
were going to do

Chief Joseph:

I have carried a heavy load on my back ever since I was a boy

We were like deer

They were like grizzly bears
We had a small country
Their country was large
We were content to let things remain
They were not
& would change the mountains and rivers
if they did not suit them

You might as well expect all rivers to flow backwards
as that any man who was born a freeman
should be contented
penned up and denied liberty to go where he pleases

My best friend lives at 106
I live at 6 on the same street
We’ve got almost exactly
the same phone number
Hers is 9
& mine is upside down

All the other numbers
are the same
so when I’m trying to think
of her phone number
all I have to do
is think of mine
& sweet

My other friend Rachel
lives at Upland Rd
in Remuera
I live in Upland Rd
in Wellington
It’s really freaky
It’s almost the same address

Richard F. Burton:

All pilgrims
do not enter
the Ka’abah

Those who tread
the hallowed floor

walk barefoot
pick up fire
in their fingers

or tell lies
(The list is

& meaningless)

I highly recommend
living in a hotel
$150 for heating
& power
All you have to do
is pay
for your own food

A pool on the roof
& two gyms
lower down
& no travel costs to anywhere!
You can just walk out
to wherever
you want to go

Douglas Mawson:

Up 8 am, it having been arranged
that we should go on at all cost

I leading and Xavier in his bag on the sledge
Just as I got out at 8 am I found Xavier

in a terrible state, having fouled his pants
I have a long job cleaning him up

then put him in the bag to warm up
I have to turn in again also to kill time & keep warm

for I feel the cold very much now
I hold him down, then he becomes more peaceful

& I put him quietly in the bag
Death due to fever, weather exposure

& want of food

I told him I wouldn’t be able
to do the vampire shoot
& he was like
Why not?
so I told him that I didn’t want
to do it now
& he was like




Meliors Simms said...

I love the Mawson ref's and would never have thought of the Vvampire link myself.

Dr Jack Ross said...

I don't think I would have thought of the v thing myself, either -- overheard in a bus. It is rather surprising sometimes just how confiding people can be while sitting in a bus seat surrounded by strangers ...