Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jack & Bronwyn's Dunedin Adventure

The view from my brother Jim's window
(Opoho, North East Valley, Dunedin)

I've just spent five days in Dunedin, attending the launch (on Tuesday 19th June) of the MOTH [Museum of True History] show "Fallen Empire" at the Blue Oyster Gallery.

We had a really nice time! The weather was practically perfect (despite various naysaying weather prophets). We hung out with my brother Jim; my niece Catherine; Karl Chitham, whose collection the exhibition came from (I edited the catalogue, and wrote an introduction to it); and also David Howard, my fellow executor of Leicester Kyle's literary estate, from whom I collected the remainder of Leicester's papers.

Here are some pictures - mostly taken by Bronwyn, hence her absence from them, but also a few by David Howard (marked DH), as well as some by my brother Jim (marked JR):

Dunedin Landmarks:

[North East Valley]

[Literary plaques in the Octagon]

[The old synagogue, Moray Place]

[Posters for the show (DH)]

Gallery environs:

[Why do you want to go down there ...?]

['Cause there's a cool little gallery hidden in that alley ...]

[Time for smoko, anyone?]

What is the show?:

[Darkside Gallery, Blue Oyster Art Project Space]

[Only $5 a copy!]

[Gallery samples]

The Theatre:

[Bertolt Wegener's model theatre]

[From the side]

[The back of the stage]

[Jack & theatre]

The Pictures:






[Detail of girl's head]

The Animation:


[Amphora & symbol]

[Amphora & snakes]

[Jack & animation (DH)]

The Launch:

[Bronwyn & me in background]

[Underneath the arches]

[Bronwyn with Graham Fletcher]

Port Chalmers:

[The church]

[The main street]

[Is it time for coffee yet ...?]

[The - excellent! - Port Royale Café]


[Beginning of the spit]

[The other end]

[Seaweed grass]

[Karl & Jack]

From the Peninsula:

[The Harbour Cone (JR)]

[Views from Mt. Cargill (JR)]

In the Botanical Gardens:

[Bird fountain]

[Jack with some book purchases]

[Bronwyn admiring the rock gardens]

[What, me worry? (DH)]

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