Tuesday, August 29, 2006

7 - Bangkok

Two things are degrading to a man:
Learning that is superficial,
Sexual enjoyment that is paid for
And dependence on another for food.
The Hitopadesha

The Golden Mountain

How many kids
on that bike? Four kids
The temple stuff’s
not all that nicemillions of stairs
and bells to ring


It’s really popular
Put your hand
on itswear-
words in Thaithe Nation's
stand on child sexUncool

[Summer Book from Eye Street, ed. Raewyn Alexander
(Auckland: Bright Communications, 2005) 8].


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see these with colour pictures.

The publishers who produced Summer Book from Eye Street are BF Publishing, by the way...Raewyn's communication consultancy is called Bright Communication, (no s).

Thought you could like to know that.

Jack Ross said...

Oh. Sorry about that. Will make the correction on the post ... Just wanted to be scrupulous about prior appearances, but I can't ahve checked the book properly.